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Friday, July 8, 2022

Gencon Finale... Coming to an end... Finally!

The I have been writing furiously for a few months now, trying to get everything ready for Gencon. I am nearing the end... as I now work on the final encounter of the finale... I have gone bigger than I ever have before. I mean literally!

I will admit to being a struggle to complete it because while I know WHERE I wanted to go, all the paths I envisionned were too contrived and obvious. Such as giving the Artifact of Evil (AE) to the Holy Order of the Good Guys or to the Demon Cult with a promise they won't use it...

To get me out of my funk, I wrote different things - such as Beyond the Door for Call of Cthulhu, played and GMd non-Gencon games.

In short, I tried to rattle the cobwebs. Nothing really came out. It felt flat. It felt like something we'd have already done during the weekend. Not a blank page, a bored page.

So... how did I shake my funk and find something exciting to close off Gencon?

I changed the approach. Instead of approaching the problem from a "How do I end Gencon with a bang?" to the more open-ended "What would be a great writing prompt for next year?" And then the way opened! I was not looking for an end to a story, but the closing of a chapter, something that hinted at the next one. Not a teaser per se, but a way to end the story but leaving the subject open. Not EVERYTHING needs to be resolved immediately.

The FOE Mini-Campaigns at Gencon should relate to each other - and indeed two specials continue and expand the plot line started in 2021.

All right. Enough slacking. Back to writing...

Zeus vs Typhon

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