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Saturday, July 23, 2022

[Meet The Iconics] Olympia Party #1

Here is a group picture of the group of iconics dubbed "Olympia 1". They first premiere many years ago.

They were created with races and options from the Olympia Campaign Setting book, however Antigone was made using the princess race from the Olympia Campaign Setting.

They include:
- Aktea of Delfos, the daughter of Apollo warlock, an apothecary
- Kaliope of Amazonia, the amazon cleric of Hera, an exiled noble
- Kleothera of Thrakia, the favored of Artemis druid, a scavenger
- Kritias of Spartia, the son of Ares Paladin, a Spartian trueblood
- Lysandra of Yonia, the medusan bard, a former oracle
- Thalassios of Minosia, the son of Poseidon fighter, a pirate

With time, the group lost Solon and Galatea to group #2 and added Lysandra and Thalassios.

Miniatures by Crocodile Games, Wargames Foundry, Old Glory, and Reaper.

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