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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

[Titan Tuesday] Ypogeios the centipede-hydra monster

More goodies for Gencon.

Ypogeios is a kaiju-sized titan that resembles a massive centipede-hydra. Let that sink in a little...

This piece was from a trade I did with someone at the end of last Gencon (sorry, I cannot remember your name). The piece was a titanesque scorpion, which I planned to use as a monster in one of the specials for this year.

Then it fell after I placed it in an awkward position. Curses and bad words flew from my mouth as my plan evaporated. I took the pieces, placed them in a pile and I left it there for a while. Then around Xmas, after I sent my game entries to Gencon... The pieces suddenly began to make more sense. It was time to start doing some work to use the shards and make them into something new and exciting.

The Olympia Campaign Setting can be the home of any number of monsters and creatures you can imagine.

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