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Saturday, June 4, 2022

When Inspiration Strikes!

Every once in a while, a writer gets suddenly inspired by something you see in the world around you. For me, it was when I randomly clicked on a YouTube video and suddenly elements for a one-shot began to fall into place. One after the others, the dominos fell into place with scenes and elements to play.

In short, it took less than an hour to have basic character outlines, a plot, a mini-setting, and a game system to use.

So yeah, it took an hour to write the skeleton and a few extra ones to flesh it out and make it playable. It was lightning in a bottle.

Now will it be good and/or fun? I believe so but that's where I have to spend more time to complete the work. A skeleton may be good enough for me to run, but I want to flesh it out some more.

So what is the idea? It is a Cthulhu Modern adventure. I thought of using Delta Green but that brings too much baggage and would dilute the adventure. The main tenet of a good One-shot adventure stands in the simple adage: One Action, One Time, and One Location. The idea fits all of these, into one convenient whole.

I don't want to spoil anymore but I've been blasting the idea onto the page, creating the scenes, the handouts, and unique tweaks and secrets to make the characters more interesting. I'm about 75% done for the adventure, working on the finale with explosions and sanity-draining horror.

But at the same time, make this adventure something that players new to CoC can get into the action and learn something about the setting and how usually the plays. As well as deliver what people expect when playing CoC: madness and horrible death!

So why am I talking about this? Because I still have one last adventure for Gencon to write and complete. And I'm a little stuck with it. All my ideas for THAT feel flat and uninspired.

I plan to run this adventure a few times before publishing it on the Miskatonic Repository, Chaosium's equivalent of the DM's Guild. It feels so refreshing to write some non-D&D. And I wonder how many of you can make it of... Beyond the Gate.

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