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Monday, June 27, 2022

[Meet the Iconics] First Ones Iconics: Amarilynn

If you don't know, at Gencon, one of the adventures will have the players take on the role of First Ones... I had a great time thinking about which characters to use. There are so many combinations possible...

I went with about it quite simply: I first went through the many races found in the new Power is Fickle. This book updates, expands, and upgrades of material what was first published in Service is Eternal.

What does that mean? New art. Tightened the writing. Tightened the rules. And made the material more multiverse-specific than "just" Tyrants of Saggakar, even a short mini-setting of a world the First Ones recently took over. It is just full of options, magic, archetypes, monsters, and the usual good stuff!

I put down the eight races and their iconic class. Boy did I dream of really interesting, unique combos. But I limited myself to one class. Then, I trimmed down the choices.

Now Power is Fickle has 8 playable First One races and four minion races. So I actually have another 6 unique races to create a second group of iconics... another time! So without further ado, here are the iconics, with their miniature.


Female First One (spiderling) bard 11 (Dark Dancer)

From a young age, you trained as an entertainer with your mother who was a Dark Dancer too. From her, you learn the secret dances of the school. Like many spiderlings, you prefer to manipulate events rather than control them directly, let others take the fall.

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