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Saturday, June 25, 2022

[Die Inspired] Made it to the finale

Much to my surprise, I made it to the final event of the first season of Die Inspired! It's seems like so long ago that I sat down to create Jim Hawkins, the halfling son of the owners of the Admiral Benbo Inn.

I am really happy that I was able to use my 3-point background to create someone who is unique, easy to slot into any campaign, and really fun to play. I had a blast playing Jim, pulling from that background all the time. "Ma' Hawkins didn't raise no stupid boy." I will be using it on ALL my characters going forward and asking the same of my players.

Also in character-building, I went with a combination I felt was a little different that the more iconic role. Jim is a lightfoot halfling bard 3 (college of lore) whose background is Guild Merchant. Not typical but something I thought fit the character, and something I was able to bring in multiple times during the game. Yes, my membership in the Guild of Culinary Delights came up quite a few times. My spell list included a few utility spells that came in handy multiple times - and that failed as many times.

As I prepare for the final event, I can only hope Jim will be able to survive to escape his current predicament.

And predicament it is.

Tomorrow is the final - and fatal - day. Wish Jim luck!


  1. Hope you survived yesterday, although I'm probably not going to find out how it went until they post the show online.

    1. Well... may tell you...