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Monday, June 27, 2022

[Die Inspired] Finale Madness!

Yesterday, the Game Keep held the finale part of Die Inspired's Convoy to Straith. This is the same game I have been posting about since mid-April (See this post and these updates May 8th, May 25th, andJune 25th).

I have yet to catch my breath...

Just as I thought the craziness was cranked up to eleven, the team cranked it up to FIFTEEN! I mean, without going into details, they used a few tools to help speed up the process and it worked... The pressure rose and things got worse and worse as more people died.

Again, most of the encounters were pretty simple (as I posted in a previous Old Pro Tricks on simple effective scenes) and... deadly.

Epic things leading to incredibly entertaining - but sad - deaths. As we tried to reach the find a way to leave this accursed island, things got from wild, to crazy, to insane, to COMPLETELY MAD! The breaks we took barely managed to cut the tension. I found myself holding my breath multiple times and my blood pressure shot through the roof!

As we died, everyone stayed to hear who would live, how they would live, and what would happen.

Even after sleeping over it and write about it... My pulse races and my breath quickens.

Yeah. It was that good.

I am sure I said this before, but I am not one who listens to actual play online. I just don't like them. But I will definitely tune in for this. I'm curious about how the games went for the other early groups and I will want to see those "simple effective scenes" again and how they will work those into post-production.

One of the things that was very interesting to see were the many ways people tried to survive: some use great teamwork, others focus on their own resourcefulness, other had a game plan. Everyone worked together during the event itself.

Ma' Hawkins didn't raise no stupid boy!

Edit I edited this post at the request of the Die Inspired crew.


  1. Second time I checked your blog. Good read.

    1. Thanks! I try to keep it fun, entertaining

    2. Congratulations on making it through Season 1! It almost feels like this season was an audition for an adventuring party and that those who made it through will be the core group going forward. It was fun getting to game with you during this time and good luck with whatever challenges next season throws at you and the remaining survivors!

    3. Thanks! Yeah I think the group who survived SOMEHOW turned out to be a fairly balanced one, with many different classes and background together. It was a grind and I am both super-stoked for the post-prod AND Season 2!
      Great playing with you too! I'm sure you will have a chance to re-enter the fray... With a brother? a long-lost cousin? Someone completely new?