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Friday, September 9, 2011

JP To Andorans: get a sap!

Some people have asked me why I keep calling the Andoran faction scions of evil, merciless, bloodthirsty, ravenous killers. In Golarian, the nation of Andoran embrace freedom from slavery, freedom from tyranny, egalitarian ideas and a dedication to spreading their views to the world.

But that's not what they do.

Most Andorans are there to kill anything that opposes them or their ideas. They are willing to stoop to any devious and dirty trick to achieve their lofty goals.

To the Andorans I have met, it is clear that the end justifies the means. So they kill, poison, murder, kidnap, cheat, without batting an eye... Most of them rationalize it with a simple "That's what my faction leader asked".


I mean. REALLY?

"I was just following orders" was the defense used by some of history's worse (and most documented) war criminals. Orders should not supplant one's own sense of morality, one's own sense of right and wrong. Especially when one defends such grand and lofty ideals. It didn't work then and it doesn't get past this history aficionado! Ideals and principles should be defended, upheld and shown to the world as values for good. Not a sullied altar to all the underhanded tricks done in its name.

Now, my Andoran reader... What can you do to change public perception of your evil-filled organization?

Start offering quarters. Buy a sap.

Respect an honorable surrender.

Don't follow blindly.

Now go back to your murderous ways since you must slay, murder and poison so that liberty triumphs. Have fun doing it. I know you like it.



  1. Well put sir. I play Andoran almost exclusively, and this perspective had never occurred to me. I will buy my PC a sap this very evening.

  2. Sidenote: I'm sure "history's worse [sic]...war criminals" was an illusion to the Nazis, and I thought it fitting that my word verification captcha was "arian" [sic].

  3. Jagyr, maybe one day my prejudices will recede! :D And weird coincidence on the arian word... *shudder*

  4. "I was just following orders" is my personal theme music.

  5. Keep your nose out of our business if you know what's good for you Qadiran lapdog.

    Besides...meteor hammer can do non-lethal damage.