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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playtesters wanted for NeoExodus: A house divided

Here is a repost of a post from LPJDesign's blog regarding playtesters for NeoExodus. Contact the address in there if you are interested (yes, that's me!)

We at LPJ Design make no secret that I want to see NeoExodus become a household name. For that, I need to make sure what we have is great and could be picked up by GMs across the globe and run for their home group. Thus far, the reaction has been very positive, but I seek to get a wider range of groups.

We are looking for a few (two or three) groups of play-testers (GM plus 3-6 players) who would be willing to run a few sessions of NeoExodus for their home group and provide feedback to us about the experience.

How to apply:

Send an email to JP at Playtesters {at} and be sure to include the following information, and anything else you think you would be good for that

1) Who is part of your group? (Names, anything of interest about you)

2) Have you ever play-tested or reviewed anything? What? Were any recommendations you did added to the game?

3) Why do you think your group of best-suited to become play-testers for NeoExodus?

4) How often do you meet?

5) Where is your group located, geographically?


You will be given play-tester credits in the NeoExodus Campaign Book (and any future NeoExodus book you participate in testing). The GM will get a copy of the finalized PDF of the book.

Thanks for your help!

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