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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tacticon is over...

Let me get back on Tacticon in Denver this past Labor Day Weekend.

Back in June, I publicly stated that I wanted PFS to be the biggest organized play event at Tacticon (and going forward) (See this post). I made no secret of it, I wanted to be bigger than LFR (that had so far been the biggest event).

Well... I am proud to say, that my goal has been reached. We ran 58 tables at the con while LFR ran 50. Making me very happy! Still Wes did an awesome job of mustering all those people! Now comes the hard part... staying on top! It sounds a lot easier than it is to do. Still I believe that we have a strong community that CAN support it and that will once again turn out for some exciting PFS action. I can't wait to start setting up Genghis Con this February.

That's right, I agreed to run PFS at Genghis Con. A few among you have already offered to GM, staff or Iron Man (Marathon) the con. I won't marathon it for sure... But could...

I want to thank Linda Weygant who was the RPG coordinator. She took a lot of my whining and pleading for "more tables" (especially for the Gencon Special). Now I'm sure she will make me pay for all that when she gets her hands on the upcoming NeoExodus Campaign Book... (Stay tuned I will have more news about NeoExodus to post soon!!!)

It was good that I was able to release a few of my judges to play. The only reason I was able to do that was because you guys provided me with enough volunteers that I was able to do that. Having a few spare GM on hand really helped me relax and enjoy the con.

Now those who attended the con had a chance of getting one of two boons: Extra Trait and the chance to play a Tengu. In all, I gave out over 60 of those boons... so the little squakers should make an appearance near you! All of them should be signed using my patented stamp technology, but a few might have escaped my vigilance, so if a players asks you (the GM) to sign one, go ahead and sign it.

The Tacticon boons I got with (again) a lot of pleading, whining, grovelling and asking. I have to give great thanks to Mark Moreland, the current PFS developer. Mark came through for me big time. I have thanked him personally. I invite all of you to let him know how you feel about the rewards (through the Paizo Forums or by email). Having these boons were "nice to have" and just more icing on the cake. It was fun to pass at people's tables and see them wish for a "20" or a "1".

On a more personal level, I want to thank the poor GMs who had to suffer through me as a player (in play order): Nick, Ted, Homer and Troy. The Mistress is Great!.

Speaking of GMs... I have mixed news. First off, the number of "perfect 10" GMs dropped from what it was at Genghis. However, the numbers of 9s and 10s was very high. Yes, there were a few lower scores, but the VAST majority was right up there. I am waiting on Linda to give me the final numbers for PFS GMs. Seriously, you guys did an awesome job and I received a LOT of positive feedback from players who wanted to play more. I hope to see increased attendance at local events.

Continuing my thoughts on the GM rating system the DGA (Denver Gamers Association) uses. Linda, Jennifer and I thought about it and it may get revamped somewhat at upcoming DGA events. I won't say specifically WHAT we discussed until Linda announces her final decision on the topic, but I think there might be some new development there.

The reason we got on that subject of the rating... Players, if you plan on rating a GM below 7, PLEASE leave a comment for the GM/Coordinator. Some people gave ridiculously low scores to your GM without explanation. That's is NOT GOOD. The GM then comes to me and says "what did I do wrong? They didn't say anything!" If a GM was bad, tell him what you did not like. Why was he unprepared? What ruined your fun? There are many things to put down. The important thing is to get the GM to improve for the next con/ event. Some GMs scored average-to-poor at Genghis really got some nice scores this time around. I was very happy about that.

Don't simply copy the score the player above gave. Think for yourself and give scores that you feel is appropriate. The goal is not to blast the GM (please come and talk to me about that). Like all the coordinators, I seek to make everyone's experience better and sometimes a quick chat works. I took time some time to talk one on one with everyone who asked a minute of me (no, when I'm stuffing my face I'm not available).

Next time: The final Fame totals, GMs scores and looking forward to Genghis

Yes. That is a great ploy to get you to come back again!


PS: Thanks to Russ Brown for the picture of the RMPathfinder Banners featuring Rocky.

PPS:If you have more pictures of the banners, please forward then to me! I'd love to post more.

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