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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tacticon: The Scoring Sheet

I want to thank Scott Dunphy for sending the original Word documents of the sheet to allow us to play with if we wanted.

I never thought that my post from yesterday would trigger a flurry of off-blog emails and IMs dealing with the potential changes in the DGA GM scoring system. Some good discussions with a number of ideas being exchanged on how to improve the scoring sheet and player to GM to coordinator feedback. Thus far, there has not been any final decision, just a few ideas.

So I throw the idea out there to you, the readers. What type of feedback do you find the most useful as a GM? What irks you the most as a player? What do you consider the most important that a GM do when he runs a game? The floor is open.

Let me know what you want as a GM and what you would like to tell me, the coordinator as a player.


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