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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My New Pathfinder Character

A small post to display my latest Pathfinder Society character: Viviana Alterborg min-Zawree. Viviana was a young girl that was taken captive by a vampire, fed upon and finally freed by none other than Naadhira (to whom I introduced you to in this previous post). Well turns out Naadhira converted a number of the poor refugees to her own cult...

Yes, the cult was born at some point during Tomb of the Iron Medusa. Scott (my GM) did not allow me to forget the cult. So when I had to come up with a new character idea for Society play... Viviana was born!

I like to think of Viviana as a female "Igor". She carries on the works of her mistress, whatever they are. Viviana has a lot of unique ticks. Looking forward to sending her through the new Pathfinder Module "Feast of Ravenmoor" on Saturday.

I also created a samurai name Obata Masamori but when I got to sit down and play the role of melee thug was already taken.


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