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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tacticon: The Scores, results, and sad news...

Okay I have to admit that I stalled on this one... Why? because I expected to have a few changes - which didn't happen. Now some of you have characters that are named "Can't Read Name" or "Write Clearer", but the numbers are all in. Finally. So , without stalling any more...

Judges Scoring

Wow! Even higher than was originally reported to me! Six GMs got perfect scores! Congrats to Bryan, Dave, Jeff, Troy, Ted and Orion! You give are definitely in a class apart! Such a feat is remarkable! That gives us twenty judges (out of 25 PFS judges) with a score above 9. The others are not far behind, and missed this group by very little (the lowest score was 7.667.) Continuing with number fun, the average rating of PFS judges (all of combined) was a whopping 9.33! That is an accomplishment in itself.

My own 9.167 looks pretty crummy, but that is still over 90%. I'll take it as a win. Getting 9s and above is something that deserves particular notice in my book.

I cannot tell you all how proud I am to report those numbers. It makes me feel.

For those of you who didn't make the top 20... The ball is really in your camp! I'd love to get ALL of my judges into the 9+ group! Hopefully the players' feedback was useful.

Thanks again GM.


Faction Scoring

Now on to the winning faction for Tacticon... The arrival of the new factions has not changed the trend that appeared over the last two cons. For the first 3 days of the con, Taldor took the lead early in faction points (I posted the results every morning on the Rocky Mountain Pathfinder yahoogroup). Taldor lead by 7 after Thursday, 4 after Friday and Saturday and finally drop down to third in the final rankings! (Tables of 4-5 Andorans didn't help Taldor).

So once again evil, mayhem and death rules over Denver! Congrats to the Andorans who takes home the title! This time it's not even close! 12 PAs over Osirion...

It is interesting to note that all the old factions still dominate the scoreboard, as they occupy the top 5 spots. Too bad my beloved Qadira finished last! I gave PAs to Taldor and Cheliax for the con...

A few words about the new factions. Clearly the Silver Crusade is proving to be the most popular. I have to say that I expected the Lantern Lodge to be at the front of that group. Looking forward to Genghis to see how the numbers turn out once those currently new characters begin to level up and older characters retire...

Total for Andoran108
Total for Osirion96
Total for Taldor91
Total for Cheliax84
Total for Qadira48
Total for Silver Crusade31
Total for Lantern Lodge26
Total for Grand Lodge21
Total for Sczarni11
Total for Shadow Lodge11

There you go! That was your Tacticon report. See you at Genghis Con... Actually my next such report will most likely be from Neoncon in Las Vegas.


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