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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gencon is here and I'm a ball of energy

With Gencon around the corner, I cannot tell you enough how filled with nervous energy I am. It is the same type of jitters and butterflies one feels when about to go on stage. It is something I feel every time a con is about to begin and particularly when I GM for players who pay for an event. I feel it is my duty to give these people a good time and provide them with the best of JP.

It is an energy I find difficult to channel into anything else before the con. I will walk around a lot, jump, flay my arms, and strike conversations. It is an energy I do not want to rid myself of, for I draw upon it once the players show up to play. I am, in effect a capacitor filled with electricity.

Getting to me in the morning before the start of the con, you will VERY likely find me particularly OCD, repeating myself, or distant. It's nothing against people, but until the show starts, it is impossible for me to stay in place. My mind is filled with a million thoughts, many of which I will push onto my phone, ideas for future plots, NPCs, or rule items.

That said, I am always happy to meet and speak with players, old friends, new friends, fellow designers, and game enthusiasts in general. Just don't hold my goofy or distantness against me. I'm just a ball of energy trying to contain itself!

If you are coming to Gencon, I'll be in the Hyatt all weekend, in either rooms A through F (usually E and F) with the rest of the Arcanis and Witch Hunter folks. You should be able to see Lucrezia's standing form nearby!


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