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Sunday, July 5, 2015

[Rant] Me be goblin. Me rant more!!!

For years now, I have been both loving and hating the Paizo Free RPG Day Goblin adventures. I think they are some of their best products. I think they are the worse Free RPG Day products.

Before going into a full rant, I was able to play all three of them: twice as Mogmurch and once as Poog. Love the characters. Love the flavor, love the equipment, love the wackiness they create. In short I love the whole idea and had a great time playing.

Where I disagree with Paizo is with their choice of it as FRPGD product. Such a fun rump requires someone who knows the lore and understands what the game is. This is a display piece with people dancing, chanting and laughing, something for those who are use and who know Golarion. I'm not sure it is the right or best vessel to introduce new people into the setting. But I don't know if this is the best way to draw in someone who's never played before.

The goblins need a module-length adventure of their own. Something a little longer and with more substance. Draw out more wackiness.

I am sure that such a product would be a best seller from day one. Players love the foursome and want to see more. But even better, we would be willing to PAY for it!!!

Real money!

I am not talking adventure path, but a module that runs 6-10h would be great.

Now please make me shut up, make it happen and TAKE MY MONEY!


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