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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cults of Chaos: Chaosium's Organized Play

For years now I have been talking about how great and awesome the Call of Cthulhu game really is. The system is quick, simple and easy to understand, even for a newcomer to the game. The setting, to me, is not as hard and fast as others, instead has more to do with verbiage and evocation of a location. Lovecraft's wordsmithing is what created the Mythos.

Many people view the game as a meat grinder, and in many ways, it is. However, the best and most entertaining part of playing the game is like imagining yourself in a horror movie: Would you survive? What would you do? How would you react to those situations? Unlike most other games, you can't load up your shotgun and challenge any creature to come at you.

Well you can. And you are likely to end up dead.


By the same token, NOT loading your shotgun is a similar mistake. Guns are great to promote diplomacy... Most people would rather avoid getting shot by a travelling thug.

But the simplicity of the game is really what makes it so exciting. "What do you do?"

So... Why am I *AGAIN* praising Call of Cthulhu?

Well, they are re-vamping their Cult of Chaos sponsored gaming/ organized play. I sent my name for the Nashville/Murfreesboro area. It seems my name was accepted! So prepare for me to start adding more CoC material to this page alongside my Saggakar stuff.

I plan on sending an adventure to them shortly after Gencon. This means play-testing. This is gonna be awesome.


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