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Monday, July 20, 2015

Memories of a Frozen Hell: My biggest dungeon ever!

As I finish working on ToS1-I01 Memories of a Frozen Hell, I realize this is without a doubt, the BIGGEST dungeon I ever wrote. Five sections, more rooms than I dare to count.

And you know what? I could spend even more time and add more stuff to it!

But I must stop. For now.

The Gencon adventure does not need any more sections for one simple reason: there is no way players will be able to see everything that's in there already. However, one thing which I drew inspiration from are Paizo's adventure paths. I wanted to have combats, but also a story the PCs could piece together and make into something that's cool.

I tried to give each location a unique flair, but also tried to make it so it made sense that people once lived there. I'll freely admit that there are no privies anywhere. But there are bedrooms, dining rooms, meeting rooms, libraries, gathering places, temples, all the things that make exploring a location fun and exciting (to me at least). Add on top of that, I have ten unique items that are located in random places of the island.

Now as the ultimate teaser... Part of the Introduction to the adventure!

For years, Yorix Lake was a place avoided by most: it was remote, inhospitable and strange things kept washing ashore. However, what most people dread is the persistent fog clouds that extend almost all the way to the shores of the lake. Those few slaves sent here to keep the roads open, kept a constant, wary eye on the waters. Rumors of a castle in the waters persisted in spite of the brutal punishment the First Ones inflicted on those spreading the rumor.

Three weeks ago, rumors filled the ArchDespotate that an entire island, complete with a castle appeared in the lake. Unlike previous sightings, the island remained did not vanish in the Mists. With surprising speed, the three great houses acted together to prevent anyone from reaching the island before they could.

Since that time, slaves built a tent camp on the banks of the lake. Every major and minor house in the ArchDespotate has a presence here. Even independents and foreign agents made the trip to this remote area.

The ArchDespot himself arrived yesterday, announcing a great game. Randomly formed groups of slaves will sail to the island, explore it, and perhaps return with tales of what happened. The First Ones cheered happily as they each chose their champions.

All I have left is to tweak my master's missions and the LRs! I just might get to the finish line with a small measure of Sanity!

As an added bonus, I am very super excited to say that there are only three Saggakar tickets for sale left of the eight slots (total 48 tickets)! All the tickets for Memories of a Frozen Hell and GONE. WOOHOO!

Service is Eternal... in more ways than one!


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