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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Five Signs I am becoming Southern

After the success of the previous post, I thought it might be fun to find out why I was becoming a southern gentleman.

Bourbon I have to say that my previous experiments with Bourbon were... not kind. After years of drinking Irish Whiskey, and Jameson in particular, I took family members to local distillery tours and acquired a taste of Kentucky gold.

Long Beard For years now, I kept a winter beard, growing it front Thanksgiving to April. Neatly trimmed and kept mostly short. This year I took a different path: starting at the usual time, I let it grow wild and bushy. With only the occasional trim to prevent it from turning me into one of the Duck Dynasty fellows. Though honestly it has more to do with sppusal death threats than anything else.

BBQ Everyone knows that the south has the best 'cue in the world. Be it Memphis-style, Texas-style, North Carolina style, those are the best stuff out there. Low and slow, like a warm southern day...

Country Music Well it is impossible to be in Nashville and not be touched by country music somehow. It is everywhere. While I am still a metalhead, I learn to appreciate songs about ice cold beers, pickup trucks, and country roads..

Drawl Okay maybe its the foreigner in me but I really appreciate the sound of the southern drawl. Particularly on a woman, I find it melodic and charming.


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