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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Five signs I'm not becoming southern

And now for some light entertainment.

I have now been in the south for two years. While I do like it a lot I realize that my good ol'Canadian self has limitations in its adaptability. Here are five reasons I am not turning into a southern man... before you go flaming me, note that those are personal likes and dislikes. They form part of the southern identity I love so much.

Biscuits and gravy: I've tried and can't get behind this. People keep telling me I haven't had the good stuff. But never offer it to me. To be honest, I like both individually. Just not together.

Fried turkey: This one has more to do with the logistics or taste. Too much YouTube and jackass?

Collared Greens: What don't I like about slimy leafy veggies?

Sweet Tea: I love iced tea. I don't get a drink that packs more sugar than a Coke. I'll take the slightly bitter taste of unsweet tea any day. Brewed iced tea is just delicious! I love good tea, with a touch of cream. And the occasional touch of honey. But sweet tea: no thanks.

Hockey: Lets be honest. The south is not a hotbed for hockey. I lucked out here in Nashville to have a team! A team I can root for most of the year until my Habs come to town!

Now you can start flaming. I wrote this post specifically to spur you on. I hope it worked. I love the South, so much warmer than my native land!



  1. I grew up in the south and don't like Sweet Tea either. But not liking biscuits and gravy? That's just crazy talk.