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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Saggakar at Gencon: Memory of a Frozen Hell

With Gencon fast approaching and my move to Nashville finally done, I sat back down to go over what I had for the special "Memory of a Frozen Hell" (there are still a few tickets for the Thursday night, but Friday is sold out). Overall, the Saggakar games have sold REALLY well (out my 8 slots, I have 7 tickets available thus far). So I want to really do something very exciting for the official campaign launch.

I had my original adventure done, but as I began to look into it, it felt much more like an adventure for a more established campaign (indeed it was written for NeoExodus and then adapted).

So I had to redo it. I had to go back to the drawing board.

But what to do? I had a few ideas but needed a gimmick. Something that would make it even cooler. And had to go back to the drawing board.

Well partially. I had to retool a few elements to make it more acceptable to what I wanted to do. I had to redo my map, change things around some and add a bunch of stuff. The only downside is that the title is not as a-propos as it was. But there is still some link, a little more nebulous perhaps.

I tease a little bit of it here for you all. Those few who played ToS 1-00 Out of the Mists will know that the epilogue mentions a strange occurence... So the basic premise of the special is a veritable race where the First Ones send different group of adventurers to investigate the phenomenon. With the amount of material in this, it is unlikely any one group will be able to do EVERYTHING that is in there. Should one party manage to make it through, they are models of efficiency.

Then how could I make it as a race between the two tables? I spent some time thinking about it. The idea came to me as I (re)drew the map. Instead of a sequence of adventure locations, allow the PCs to start in one of a couple of places. The first table that will play through (Thursday evening) will get to choose where they want to go. The group coming through second (on Friday night) get to pick next, seeing that someone has already been through one area.

So how will I handle unique items and encounters? There is only one version of what is going on. One encounter and one copy of the unique items. Anything that is present in a fixed manner (say a building) will still be there. So there are goodies for the taking.

Split the party anyone? I'm sure it's safe.


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