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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Already thinking beyond Gencon

After GenCon, I already have a laundry list of things to do, and in the interest of not forgetting then, I write this laundry list of things you can expect to see coming from FOE.

- Adventures! This is where things are really taking off! I currently have four adventures needing my editing attention, all of them waiting "after GenCon". The authors have been very patient with me as I keep working hard to get things done. Where I am really super happy is the quality of these adventures and their diversity. They are not all "JP-mods", so they explore and present adventure types I don't tend to write. Which is really exciting to me. Plus, two new authors (for FOE), and a returning one is really super exciting! No. I'm not the returning author. Oh wait, I am for one of them...

- Finish the Player's Guide: I need to wrap this one up and get it out to you guys. Right now I am the only one who fanboys over it with girlish glee. It will clock in around 80 or so pages, but it might expand. I will post an updated Table of Content to let you know a few of the goodies I added, thanks to your feedback. (Alex-FG, I still hate you)

- Map of the ArchDespotate: This one has bothered me for a while and as more adventures are written, this becomes more and more necessary. My simple map won't cut it.

- Master Sheets: Create a sheet for each Master similar to the LG's meta-orgs or what we had for the patrons previously.

- More art: With things picking up at FOE, I have been able to commission some more art. Right now I need one last piece to really be content (I do not have a piece for the kyneans). Irene should be sending me the cover soon. Kaitlynn should send me a skythian warrior soon.

- Public Design session(s): The one we did for Gytha was great and provided me with a lot of great material (that I will re-brand and re-publish in the future. I liked the ideas within this book too much to drop its content). I also really like that players with some of the special races given to the design team keep appearing in adventures!

- Conventions: I plan on attending a few cons and events, mostly local events (AB, KY, TN) in the next few months.

- Expanding Legacies: I am looking for GMs to run events in their areas. If you are interested, I can offer products for your time.

- Kickstarter? Free RPG Day?: A number of you have asked me about whether I would do a kickstarter or take part in Free RPG Day. I am still debating those two ideas. I'm not closed to either, but I'm not 100% sold either.

So my plate is nice and full for the coming months, but it's all things I'm looking forward to. With Legacies and Saggakar expanding all the time, it is a really exciting time for FOE and for me.


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