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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tyrants of Saggakar: A shackled mind is a clear mind

A part of the Player's Guide to Saggakar, one of the things that I came up with a number of tomes and books that I thought might be interesting to add to the setting. As a career and life-long nerd having spent 20 years in a pre-internet world, books have always fascinated me. Their content, but also their authors, their story are really great.

Associating them together only happened when I picked up a second-hand copy of Call of Cthulhu (4e) from Le Valet d'Coeur in Montreal in the fall of 1996. I was working as an intern at the time and I devoured the book. Then I went and got a number of Mythos-related books. The treatment they gave to their tomes has heavily tinted my views of such treasures. Even today, one of my favorite GOSTOR product: Not Bolted Down is given a treatment based on what I learned from CoC.

As I started working on Saggakar (back in February of 2014), I put down a number of ideas for books.

As I am now touching up a number of elements of Saggakar, I went through my list of ideas and products, and found these entries. Now I wondered for a while: should they go in the Player's Guide or the Gazetteer? They could go in both and in neither at the same time. So after flip-flopping, I decided they should get their own book!

I needed a title for the book. Throughout the time I worked on it, I kept "Tomes of Saggakar". But that did not have the impact or conveyed the feel of Saggakar. As I was playing with the formatting, putting some images and making the whole thing pretty, I came up with an alternative: A shackled mind is a clear mind.

The book contains ten unique tomes and books, each with a short history, description, cost, bonuses granted, enough information to make them the focus of an adventure or a reward that is more than a straight money value!

Well here is the link to the book!.

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