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Friday, April 25, 2014

Legacies goes to Origins!

Yesterday, I finally heard back from Origins regarding the program I submitted with the good folk from Arcanis and Witch Hunter. Word came back to us that our events were approved. Allow me to share the lineup.

Why not join with PFS? Well, PFS is so big now that they can do their own thing. If I were bad, I'd say they are worried about us taking away their players, but that would not be true. I want PFS to keep going strong as it enlarges my own playerbase. The community of Pathfinder players is large enough that it can easily support two thriving organized play campaigns. Plus it allows ME to play.

What you thought I was an altruist? I am True Neutral in alignment!

93-LC-05 Legacies: Black Glass Valley Raid

By John Dow
In the fall of 93AU, the Janus Horde raided deep within the Dominion, almost reaching the gates of Hasani. The raiders destroyed the crops and took many citizens as slaves. The war mages of the Dominion gather forces to retaliate. A NeoExodus Legacies adventure for characters level 3-8. Pregens available
Slots 6002, 6130, 6394: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8 am-1pm

93-LC-06 Legacies: Secession

By JP Chapleau
Tensions have been mounting between the Arman Protectorate and the Imperial Alliance. The Tsarina openly disrespects the Alliance as senatorial requests are openly ignored. Many Sametian exiles have crossed the Abaddon River to rebuild their homes. One man fights alone to ensure the safety of his homeland and the integrity of the Alliance. Only one question left: what side are you on? A NeoExodus Legacies adventure for characters level 3-8. Pregens available
Slots 6027, 6210, 6378: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 1pm-6pm

93-LI-03 Legacies: Legacy of Hate (Interactive)

By JP Chapleau and others
The First Ones have been planning to conquer and destroy the nations of Exodus. A Khaynite named Arem'shehr had an inspired plan to do just that... Only a few heroes stand in his way, the same one that inspired the plot. This interactive adventure is story binding and the results determine next years' campaign theme. A NeoExodus Legacies adventure for characters level 3-10. Pregens available
Slots 6094, 6329, 6597: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 7pm-12pm

There will be 2 tables per slot of each of these events! Twelve seats for each slot. Yes, this means I have another GM with me. I won't reveal her name just yet, but she is a very dear friend of mine and we go back... Over a decade! Who is she? Stay tuned!

Next you ask me about why we do not run events on Saturday and Sunday. Really? In my case, I plan on attending the Arcanis Battle Interactive and my fellow GM is eyeing a Cthulhu Larp... That's right we plan to actually participate in other events!


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