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Monday, April 28, 2014

Cygnar: Stryker... Alternate pose

Back in November, I posted a pic of Stryker (which I linked as the third picture here). Over the Xmas holidays, I won another nice lot. This lot was mostly for some Khador with a few Cygnar and bobs and bits. I was looking for the Khador. If you remember the converted mercenary jacks I posted, using Cygnaran models... Well same package.

One thing: it reeked of cigarette smoke so bad that I had to dunk everything in simple green, even the minis that were simply primed. The stench was horrible...

Simple green did its job. AGAIN.

So when it came to this alt Stryker, I was in a mood for simple and clean paint jobs. So guess what? Well I gave him a simple and clean job! The model looks so stiff compared to the other pose... I am thinking maybe I should've done something more exciting.


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  1. Very nice figure; fine sweeping movement and colors.