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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Circle Oroboros: Benji and Cafee

I recently won a number of random auctions, one of which included a starter box of Circle Oroboros. Those who have been reading this blog for a long time know that I thought about getting into Hordes for the longest time because of the look of this faction.

After everything, and I finally had my own, I must say the sculpts did not disappoint. It is a story I posted two years ago. Though tempted I won't repeat it here.

So this time, it was not new to me. I had experience with the models. It is always more fun to get to revisit model you painted before and see how you changed as a painter. You can compare the minis to the previous ones here. As I write this, I am comparing the two. I really like the all-white scheme.

Now about the title... my parent have a dog called Benji with white fur. And my sister has one with brown fur. Now I did not think about it as I painted them. The first time ActionMan saw the model, he immediately made the connection.

These guys are EBay-bound...


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