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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gladiator Tuesday: Mismatches of the arena

This week, the models are some of my favorite.

First is the warrior with two swords. I wonder how effective this really was in the arena, but you can't deny that it looks really cool. Having this guy spinning two swords in a Hollywood style as he moves towards you. This is right out of a movie.

The second one is a small man with a large shield while the third man is a tall man with a buck. For some reason, I keep thinking that a good showmanship display would have smaller fighters be given oversize weapons and shields while bigger men be given small shields and short swords.

Finally, the fourth man is a equipped with cestii and would've entered the arena only with straps of leather with metallic bits on his fists. Then you send him against other fighters. As he is unimpeded, he should be able to benefit from his full mobility and vision. Unlike his opponents. This should definitely be interesting to see in an arena...


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