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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Pathfinder Goblin submission

An interesting story... I was looking at the offerings in the "Looking For Group" section of Roll20. One GM was offering the Jade Regent AP. I was immediately intrigued and interested. I clicked and saw that as a prerequisite to join the game you had to submit him a goblin character idea.

Not a series of stats, but a character background and the inevitable goblin dancing and party song!

How could I resist this enticing offer. So I immediately went about creating my goblin. So here he is, Zarg the goblin:

Zarg is a curious goblin, weak and frail. He always gets himself into trouble because he keeps putting his nose where it does not belong: the chief's tent, the discarded food pile, humantown. He likes to gnaw on things.

One night, he managed to get inside that curio shop in humantown. He randomly tasted things, push them to hear the noise they make when they crashed so he could watch them break. Then he saw the book. He knew that words steal your mind, but what if he ate the book? He decided he would show the book that he could master it. So he began eating the words, even as they glowed. Then he fell sick and he passed out.

(I built two version of Zarg using HeroLab, one where he is a Blackblade Magus and one where he is a witch).

Magus: When he woke up, he stumbled around the shop, until he found the black sword under the counter. The sword talked to him. At first he did not understand the sword, but after a while, it began to tell him about how he could get to see more fun things.

Witch: He woke up to find a rat gnawing on his toes. When he tried to shoo it, the rat began to berate him about being so weak. Zarg was surprised that the rat, who said his name was Bitor, could teach him things. And he did.

What do you think of the background?

Oh! yes, you want to see the song

Zarg will sing and Zarg will dance
Things go pow and things go splash!
Looking here and look in there
Zarg eat words and things go crash!


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