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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sorscha vs. Karver a Battle Report with the kids

Today, I offered the kids a chance to play with some minis. They were all excited. By the time I had some terrain ready, 17 point forces together and gone over the rules (about 20mins total), a friend came to the door and one was gone. Leaving Kitty, ActionMan and myself to play.

Kitty was really excited to play with her pink minis while ActionMan and I took over Jojo's Lord Carver force.

The Pictures came out pretty bad, so I kept them small.

Sorscha's Army (Kitty)

3x Manowar infantry

Lord Carver's Army (Jojo)

Lord Carver, BBMB, Esq. III
War Hog
2x Gun Boar (not fully painted)
6x Farrow Bonegrinders
Lanyssa Ryssyl (not legal, I know but she wanted a girl)

The Action

With ActionMan in charge, the farrow surged forward behind the big pigs. Kitty replied by surging forward with her jacks on her right flank. Though the gun boars got the first shots off, they failed to damage the big jacks. The destroyer's guns hurt the gun boar, but failed to take it down.

The second turn saw ActionMan leave to pursue more active pursuits (including a monster truck). Carver's turn saw ineffective shooting from the gun boars, including one shot at Sorscha (which amounted to nothing). The War Hog tried to charge the destroyer, but the charge failed. Lanyssa moved to the side of the manowar to try and force Kitty's hand and leave the farrow in the center. Kitty wasted no time, destroying the gun boar with the juggernaut and maiming the war hog with the destroyer in hand to hand. Her manowar charged the bone grinders and killed two. She also charged Sorscha to try and take out Lanyssa, leaving the juggernaut just out of reach.

The third turn was an all-or-nothing for me. The gun boar and the war hog went berserk on me. I killed one of the manowar, my berzerk war hog damaged the destroyer but failed to seriously dent it. Kitty destroyed the war hog but failed to kill the gun boar. The juggernaut moved back into Sorscha's control again.

My fourth turn left me with little choice. Lord Carver charged Sorscha. I threw everything I had at her and just barely managed to kill her, last fury, last attack.

All I had left was a seriously damaged gun boar, 4/6 bone grinders and Lord Carver... It was the only chance I had to win it or I was getting tabled.

By a 7 years old. I'm so doomed.

Here is an overhead shot of the situation at the end of the game. You can see the 2 heavy jacks ready to shred whatever I had left. I really pulled this out of my rear end. However, Kitty was quite happy with the performance of her army. She will no doubt want to play some more. Those Khador monsters are TOUGH. Sheesh. I usually faced them with mercenaries or the Legion, never with minions before (especially a small number of point army). How I missed Taryn...

It was a good way to get Kitty to practice her math while playing a game. To keep the rules simpler, we did not use any caster magic or feat. The goal was for the girls to learn the game and do some math.

My Indian village really caused the kids to wonder whose village it was. I had to explain to them that whoever won kept the village. That was something quite complex for them to understand.


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