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Saturday, April 5, 2014

This day is wrecked

Yup I'm working all day this Saturday. It is a release night/weekend. So in a way, I won't have much of a weekend. Though after the sickness I've had this week, I need to catch up on some work. Turns out as I woke up this morning that everything is done and that I won't be needed today.

Part of the Menoth mega-lot had to be sacrificed. It was inevitable. One of them had to die. I just could not bring myself to paint another one. So I introduced him to the saw!

I chopped the model in a diagonal way to generate more pieces of wreckage. From that one jack, came three unique templates. I like them. Really seems like a truly destroyed jack.

Helping my decision was the lack of a head for that warjack (and you thought I merely planned to destroy a model without a good reason...)



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