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Friday, March 25, 2022

Princesses Get a Copper Crown!

More great new from the DM's Guild as the supplement I co-created with Ibsen has just reached Copper best-seller.

Took a little longer than I expected but it got there. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped them get there.

I created a set of Iconics for them that can be used to tackle any adventure sent their way. And thus far, they performed admirably!

Now... You may have noticed is that I have been using them to playtest a variety of random adventures. They are fun and add a levity to the game other characters would not have. As you can see in this classic post from 2021 Revisiting an old adventure, where I ran a classic FOE adventure (no longer available) converted on-the-fly to 5e and set in a generic world instead of its original one. Love that adventure. Love the Princesses.

You can see that one of my favorite thins about them was to find and model the characters on their archetypes as I created the characters. A short introduction to each appears in this other classic post.

Ibsen and I have been toying with other ideas I will eventually get to once I finish the Gencon adventures.

I still have a LOT of writing to do for that.

Four specials is just NUTS.

Worth it. But still nuts.

Get it now on the DM's Guild.

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  1. Congratulations! Just picked this up. Gonna use one of the icons in tonite's game.