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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Introducing the Iconics: Princesses

With the recent release of FOE's Princesses, I wanted to run something to put them front and center and well... the best way to do so it is to create some iconics for the game.

Now mind you, these characters are iconics, drawing direct influence from the original characters but one thing I am asked a lot is "can I make one that's different?".

The answer is YES! Princesses presents these character as playable races. So your Snow White could be a fighter or a bard or a wizard!


Female Snow White Bard 3 (College of Valor)
Born to nobility you had to exile yourself to avoid persecution by your jealous sisters. You fled your home one night and have been on the road ever since, living from the generosity and your skill at entertaining.


Female Cinderella Fighter 3 (Champion)
To say you lived a hard life is a euphemism. You grew up on the streets of a large city. Even in the darkest, coldest night, you always knew you would leave that place and make something of yourself.


Female Ice Princess Cleric 3 (Domain Arcana)
From a young age, you felt different from other people: you loved the cold, snow, sleet, and ice. You felt the peace of a cold winter evening. So you left your family to live by yourself in the mountain where you discovered the goddess of magic.


Female Little Mermaid Rogue 3 (thief)
You grew up in an undersea kingdom dreaming of the cities of the People-From-Above. From afar, you watched their chaotic world with amazement. You collected trinkets taken from the docks. When your heritage revealed itself, you walked out into the world to find mementos to bring back home.


Female Belle Wizard 3 (Transmuter)
Your mother used to say there never was a door you left unopened, no book you did not read, and no secret you did not want to be revealed. You discovered magic and took to the magical arts with your usual compulsive interest.


Female Rapunzel Barbarian 3 (Berzerker)
To call you an army brat is an understatement. As your parents traveled the world serving as mercenaries, you were excited by the prospect of seeing something new, going someplace new. Now that you are grown, you took your hair and set out to see the world for yourself.


Female Rose Red Ranger 3 (Beastmaster)
No sooner could you walk that you headed to the forest to see what it was. You left home wanting to see what lay hidden inside the forest. When your parents found you petting dire wolf cubs, they freaked out but you just wanted to show them your new puppies. After that, it was bears, dire rats, or wolverines, anything with jaws, claws, or talons.

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