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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

[Review] Star Trek Continues review.

The first one that I wish to give a review is the 10-episode "Star Trek Continues".

When I first started this series, I expected to watch ten minutes, close it and never watch it again. Some cheap imitation or fanfic title made with a 20$ budget before a bad green screen. The kind of movie you can see on SyFy.


For a Star Trek series, I felt I was back in the 60s watching the final two seasons of the five-year mission... The first episode, "Pilgrim of Eternity" brings back Apollo! One of the villains I liked most in the Original Series (TOS).

The filmography is excellent, with decor, lighting, music and writing that seem taken right out of the 60s.

The depiction of the main characters: Kirk, Spock, McCoy (the second is better than the first, but both are good), and Scotty (played by James Doohan's son). But also the secondary characters who also get expanded roles and more lines: Sulu (played by Mythbusters' Grant), Uhura, and Chekov.

But also the new characters introduced are interesting and add to the plot and complete the crew. I found myself intrigued and wanting to see more of Dr McKennah (first ship's counsilor), Drake the security chief, "Mr" Smith the alternate navigator, and the backup doctor who appears very competent.

About the stories themselves, they deal with a number of "modern topics" such as racism, sexism,

I particularly like the episode on sexism which is written in a way that leaves the whole event very unclear. Very ambivalent. The story leaves the viewer with have to make the decision about the character in question. Is she a victim? Is there more to it? What was Kirk going to say? The story is extremely well-written and I enjoyed it much more than I expected to.

One unique episode "Fairest of them all", takes place in the mirror universe, immediately about "Mirror, Mirror". Very very interesting.

The final two-part episode was also quite memorable. It forms a great bridge between TOS and the Motion Picture. It closes many of the threads it started during its ten-episode run, and it does so in very satisfying way. Using some elements of the series, mixing it with the new elements. Finale was good.

My final verdict on this one... 5/5 I would watch it again. This is top of the line production. Strongly recommended.

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