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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

[Kill Team] Run to the Space Port AAR Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2

With the Xmas Holidays coming, I thought of putting together a few games of Kill Team to play with ActionMan. Instead of our usual "Line-up-and-kill-each-other," I thought of doing something different. Not quite a narrative campaign, but more than just a one-shot. I wanted to come up with a plot that would allow us to be not quite cooperative, but not fully adversarial either. This is what I came up with:

On an Imperial Planet, the Xenos population initially believed to be simple savages turned out to be quite adept in warfare. After the Empire sent a number of recon teams (the Kill Teams) on the planet, word was sent through the voxcom that all Imperial forces were to retreat to their transport.

Two teams fought their way through the jungle, expending much of their resources. With ammunition running low, they had to hurry not to miss the final transport.

Our two teams were about to clash when they received the call.

The Field of Battle

Xenos Forces

The Xenos were represented by Trollblood minis from Hordes. They are appropriately large and very flavorful. We used the swordsmen as "Xenos", and some warbeasts: Impalers (with throwable spears), Axers (with a big axe), and one with a flail and a shield (we made him "armored" and gave him a 3+ save).

Xenos 6* 3+ 4+ 5 5*/4 3 3 5+
Armored Xenos 6* 3+ 4+ 5 5*/4 3 3 5+
Armored Heavy Xenos 6* 3+ 4+ 5 5*/4 3 3 3+

After a few rounds of combat, we decided to lower the Toughness of the Xenos to 4.

Complicating the Situation

I wanted to complicate the situation and put us both in competition, fighting for resources. Therefore, I made the following rules:

Ammo Crates: Ammo creates can be claimed if only one player's models end within 2 inches. Having claimed the ammunition, it can be used to "reload" ONE model.

Low on Ammo: Whenever a model fires a weapon, on a roll of '1', the model is out of ammunition. To reload, the team must find and use one of the munition crates scaterred across the field.

Xenos Ambush: The Xenos appeared only when we entered a new section of the map. Section defined by the folds of the battlemat, the two tables and the landing pad at the end. This allowed us to move gradually and not know where the Xenos were. There were 1d3 xenos per section, the composition of the ambushers was rolled randomly.

In addition, Xenos only move towards a model they can see by charging.

Separatists Adeptus Astartes

ActionMan took command of my personal Chapter: the separatists, a small but tough unit.
- Sergeant with power swords
- Marine with plasma gun
- Marine with meltagun
- Marine with bolter
- Marine with bolter

Tear Bringers Adeptus Astartes

I took control of the Tear Bringers, a team of mixed tactical and scout marines.
- Sergeant with plasma pistol
- Tactical Marine with Missile Launcher
- Scout Sergeant with chainsword
- Scout with sniper rifle
- Scout with combat shotgun
- Scout with combat knife and bolt pistol
- Scout with combat knife and bolt pistol

To be continued Tomorrow.

Part 1 | Part 2

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