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Thursday, December 24, 2020

[Kill Team] Run to the Space Port AAR Part 2

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Continuing the After Action Report from Yesterday.

The Battle

The battle started VERY poorly for the Tear Bringers. They ran out of ammo and lost scouts to the first xenos that jumped out. From that point on, they turned to mugging tactics, attacking the xenos in group. The separatists also lost a marine to the first Xenos they encountered.

As both teams surged forth, fighting the xenos as they encountered them. The Tear Bringers lost many of their numbers. Marines from both chapters made it to the first common area, they shot at the Xenos and defeated them. By then, only three members of each teams survived for the final push to the transport.

Frantic - if not desperate fighting took place to clear out the last of the xenos, the Tear Bringers lost their sergeant and sniper, leaving only the missile launcher marine to make it to the transport. The Tear Bringer extended a hand in friendship to the Separatists by asking them "The Emperor Protects!". To which the Separatists replied "The Emperor Protects," then followed by opening fire, vaporizing the Tear Bringer and leaving them alone on the escape shuttle.

This man is a traitor to the Imperium. His heresy is such that he does not believe in the power of the Emperor.

Hail the Emperor!

Part 1 | Part 2

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