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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

MidSouthCon 2022 After Action Report, part 1

Part 2

After a long two year hiatus, I was so happy to be invited as a guest in Memphis once again. The first in-person non-Gencon event and the first one in Tennessee. Now in 2018 and 2019, I took ActionMan with me.

But this year would be different. ActionMan got himself grounded just before the con so I would be flying solo. Although I did it for years, it felt strange to not have anyone in the car.

I got to the con. Whereas it used to be set at the Hilton near Germantown, it was now at the Clarion near the airport.


When I got there, I visited the con, walked the grounds to get me situated. Now, the organization is really top-notch. Jeffrey and Denise had everything ready for me (shout-out to you and the volunteers).

As I was walking around, I went to the game board to see what I could register for. Many good games. I settled on a Warhammer 4th Edition because I wanted to try it, see how it played.

I signed up and then decided to put my badge.

It was gone!

I frantically searched the forty feet where it might've been.


I did the walk of shame back to registration... They were awesome and got me a replacement badge. This time I put it on the lanyard immediately. And immediately around my neck!

The Warhammer game went really well. I had a great time. I'm especially stoked that my crazy "Follow Maury Povich" theory proved to be the right approach. It was great for the other players dismiss me as a nut but then I was proved right.

Fun fact... there is no food near the Clarion. Nowhere near to make a quick food run between slots - even less so now that I do not have a copilot.

Soooooooooooooooooooo after the game, I checked in to my hotel (not the Clarion) and got direction to the nearest fast food, a McDonalds. Not great but I just needed food then off to sleep.

I get in line for the drive-thru and order through the app to gain time.


It took ONE HOUR to get a cheap-ass value menu! Oh well.. one hour of lost sleep!

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  1. Part of the reason I didn't go this year was due to the location change.