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Monday, March 14, 2022

[Question time with JP] A new type of posts

I will be publishing over the next few days answers to an open question I put on the FOE Facebook Group. The actual question I posted wat as follows: Ask me about any FOE setting or NPC (past, current, or future).

Open-ended enough?

I will admit that I thought all the answers could be a few words. "Yes, Saggakara appears in Power is Fickle." or "Prince Naraf is the transformed character who took up the Gauntlet at Gencon 2019." You know, short answers.

But no.

Every question required development and explanation. And god knows how verbose I can be.

And opinionated.

I started to respond directly on Facebook but I have an innate fear or somehow losing my responses, so I moved it to Notepad++ (shows I'm a software developer by day) and wrote my responses here. Then I copied them as responses in FB.

Which leaves me with what I think should be interesting and informative responses for GMs, world-builders, and anyone interested in what's next for FOE.

I will be posting both the questions AND my answers here.

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