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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

[Question time with JP] First FOE Book

What was the first FOE book you produced and what inspired you to make it? by Steve-E.

The first FOE product I published were two adventures 92-Li-01-Bloody Ice and 92-Li-02-Shattered Peace (no longer available) in October of 2013. Followed closely by the intros 92-IN-01-Spreading the Word and 92-IN-02-Lady of the House.

I was running an organized play for LPJ Design and I needed to publish products faster than he could output them. I wrote them, he did the formatting and paging.

After some grumblings on both sides (I was telling him he was too slow, him telling me I was too fast), we agreed that I should publish them on my own and pay him a license fee for the use of his setting.

The partnership worked out well enough for me as it was a crash course in many things: formatting, paging, and just making the product look good. I must admit that they look pretty bad and dry for the first two years.

Content was good.

Appearance sucked.

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