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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

[Question time with JP] Multi-Level adventures

Have you ever thought of making a campaign module, an adventure to take chars through many levels through a multi-mission type of story (like Curse of Strahd)? Why or why not? by Will-M.

Yes, I have.

I published a few much larger adventures. Such as The Many Secrets of Tothet Island (generic world, could be repackaged for Akhamet...) and Panacea for Akhamet (which provides a travel segment and an island to explore). They are both something adventures that will give you a level or two

Those massive epics like Curse of Strahd take a long time to write and develop (I spent about 8 months working and play-testing Curse of Strahd II and Witches of Pikemaster) and they take characters up to about level 10-11 (Cos2 a little less but it is mostly story-development).

Will there be more in the future? Yes. I have a number of ideas that keep taking my insomniac time away from sleeping. A "Return to Ravenloft" and a "Planescape: Exile"is an idea I have right now. Publishing larger adventures on DriveThruRPG is awesome but eventually more of a loss-leader than sound investment. I am thinking of writing them in generic-world but run them in Olympia or Akhamet.

I love writing adventure, but from a business perspective, FOE is too small right now to really make them worth the time investment. Except DM's Guild. I prove my point by pointing out that only 1 Akhamet adventure is in the best-sellers list.

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