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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Under the Influence Day 6: Capitaine Flam

I spent my childhood dreaming of the stars. Of traveling from one planet to the next. Of solving mysteries and fighting villains. I spent my childhood watching Star Wars and late 70s anime (a few of them appear on this list).

One such show was "Capitaine Flam" or "Captain Future". This show was great, it featured a some-intelligent scientist/adventurer known as Capitaine Flam. According to the French generic,

Au fin fonds de l'univers
A des annees et des années lumière de la Terre,
Veille celui que le gouvernement intersideral appelle
quand il n'est plus capable de faire face a ses problèmes
quand il ne reste plus aucun espoir,
Le Capitaine Flam.

Which translates to roughly: In the deepest depths of space/ many light years from Earth/ lives the man who the galactic government calls/ when it cannot face his own problems/ when all hope is gone/ Capitaine Flam. I will refrain from making modern day politics reference, but I think he should be on speed dial.

One of the biggest and most unique elements of this show is that it was split into a number of 4-episode mini-series. Each of them had a number of plot twists that are still quite enjoyable as an adult. The animation is old, but the stories are still good. (Does it show that I recently re-watched a number of serials?). This many mini-series approach is one I really love.

The supporting cast was entertaining and had some interesting banter between them. He had a robot, an android that could disguise himself, a brain in a flying jar, the hot-looking gov. agent, and the kid. Plus a really sweet ship, that was the target of many lego-rebuilds.

I really like the stories, a number of them were a tad kookie, but not much more than some plot hooks I've encountered in games.

I gotta watch more episodes. Thank you YouTube!


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