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Saturday, October 12, 2013

I just retired a third PFS character

It has been a long time since I retired a character in PFS. It was June of 2011 when Naadhira retired. Naadhira who is still being talked about in spite of having played a single adventure since that day.

This time, it is Sir Alexite von Crispin-Thrune a Chelaxian aristocrat and a man of many talents. From his first adventure - which was GM'd by Sean K Reynolds to yesterday, he was a character I built based off a favorite LG character of mine, the lecherous Mousset, who was a Bard/Rogue/Temple Raider of Olidammara. However, after a few adventures, it didn't feel right. So I dropped the lecherous aspect of him for a more "generic" dissolute dilettante.

He eventually turned into a pretty interesting Hellknight, but one who was not dour. He was happy, friendly and charming.

Perhaps the biggest thing people remember about his were the puffy pirate shirts and the foil parade hellknight armor.

Farewell Alexite.


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