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Thursday, October 3, 2013

NeoExodus Legacies launches new Legacy Records

We have been running for over a year now and during that time, we have learned a lot. Learned from our players, but also learned by working hard and finding pain points internally.

One such pain points, for me was the creation of the Legacy Records, an integral part of organized play campaigns.

Before I start telling all that I hated about our current LRs, let me preface this by saying that the design D'Anne made - LPJ and I made suggestions but she really did it all. The placement of the logo, the sidebar. I mean we spent a LONG time getting all our duck in order before coming to the current design.

A lucky few at SoCal Smackdown in Anaheim last year got some of the pre-released version with the rounded edges as we sought feedback from people about them. Plus we had to convince ourselves that it was the design we wanted. Taking in all the feedback, critiques and thoughts, she came up with the design.

Life was good.

Fast forward one year and many LRs later, any a few issues have cropped up. Here are some of them: (in no particular order)

- When I update any of the boxes, I have to redo the layout of everything.

- With our new imprint, we needed to put the FOE logo on there.

- As our adventures begin to encompass a wider range of APLs (In sickness and in health had 4 different APLs), the real estate became as a premium. With more rewards, and more complex rewards, I wanted some real estate.

- One thing I find difficult to explain is that favor points are tracked by faction.

- I always wanted to give a clear separation between story awards and favor points. Though I never really had an alternative way to present them.

Well today, I spent a little time playing with the file and came up with the following. Click on the link to see the new sample.

What do you think?


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