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Friday, October 4, 2013

Under the Influence Day 4: Hemispheres by Rush

In a man's life, only a handful of musical albums really makes him think about life and philosophy through clever lyrics and moving music. Not to mention the sheer epicness of an 18 minutes long title track.

I first listened to it - like many other albums in my teens - in the basement of my friend Francois-M's house when I was 11 or 12. The infamous "Cassette #9" which broke years later due to overuse. Ah... that tape had everything from Rush to Queen to Heart to things I can't even remember. But it was awesome. He was an avid music collector as my family wasn't really. My parents (and all my family for that matter) are far from Rush fans, so I listened to my albums by myself, dreaming of their evocation

Back to the title track, which is the 18-minute to the previous album's

The four tracks of the album still resound throughout. All of them are worth listening over and over. I could talk about it over and over, however, you can sample the album on YouTube before buying this phenomenal album.

I have spent days reading or swimming in the family pool listening to this album.

Oh and I dare you not to air drum to these songs.


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    1. Surprisingly, it was not easy to trim down the number of awesome Rush albums... 2112 is also awesome.