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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Under the Influence Day 26: Foxtrot by Genesis

From the first oppressive notes of "Watcher of the Skies" to the return of the avenging angel of the Lord of "Supper's Ready". This album is just one massive effort of awesome. Seriously, this album is just awesome.

I first came in touch with this album through school. No. Not "a buddy at school told me about" but "the teacher puts on the song and talks about it".

Again in Secondary 4th, two different teachers brought the album to the class room. Daniel Pouppart, the religion teacher, had us listened to, comment, and made our exams based on "Supper's Ready."





If you don't know Supper's Ready is a 23 minute song that is just great from start to finish.



Now how did this album affect me as a gamer? The biggest thing was that is got me to try and think differently about known, common tropes. How so? Supper's Ready's main theme is that of the Apocalypse. Through Genesis, the Apocalypse becomes something that is played by rock n roll angels. And where the angel raises his sword in the darkness. It was imagery that called to me and my religion-curious mind.

It is imagery that still calls to me every time any of its songs comes on.


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