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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Under the Influence Day 5: The Non-Irish Gamers' Association

From 2000-02 I was in Ireland with a few trips back to France, the US or Canada. Dublin was "home" and to this day, I feel a strong attachment to the Republic of Ireland. Not the least of with is because of the many friends I met there during my stay.

The name "Non-Irish Gamers' Association" comes from the fact that most of us were not from the Republic! Darryl was from Northern Ireland (UK), Tammy was from Australia, Kristian was from Sweden, Christophe was from France, Mary was from Italy, I was from Canada. How could we forget our "token" Irishman: Oliver-E!

We would play every Tuesday and Thursday. Usually Legend of the Five Rings, but we played a variety of other games, such as 7th Sea, Vampire, Star Trek, and Shadowrun. We played a variety of things... Pretty much everything but D&D! We would attend local cons or travel together to them.

I'm sure Kristian remembers the two lesbians in Waterford who walked around naked while he and I were "sleeping". They had barely left the room that a "Dude, you awake?" was whispered (can't remember who said it, but we had both been watching the show). Hostels for the win!

Or Darryl remembers Gunner's "painted" bug horde army with that towering carnifex primed with that snot green and then having 2 color dots on the carapace to "identify" them. That was the "painted 3+ colors" restriction bypassed. Nice.

Perhaps the best and most recurring joke was the replacing of Oliver's D10s for D8s then seeing him fail and curse why he never rolled "10"s! Yes it was hours of fun.

Though most of the group has left Dublin, most of us for our homeland. Though Tammy married Darryl and Christophe disappeared, we still keep in touch through email and Facebook. These guys really weigh on my mind when I think "man, I would really like to play this this oto try it out." We were all willing and crazy enough to try it.

Miss you guys.


Edit added link to Mary's Picture of the gang.


  1. Miss you too, Chapleau-sama.
    You are one of the greatest Americans that I've ever gamed with. :)

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Pretty sure we could set up a skype session on a weekend to play, you know :)

  3. Yeah those were the Days,

    Finding it hard now to get some games together so I have settled with playing in 2 D&D (shudder) Campaigns.

    Hope to see you again soon
    K (Kristian or Big K)

  4. Even though, after looking for years, I managed to find a group almost as willing and crazy as the glorious Capel Street one, I want you guys to know that to this very day, eleven years later, I keep this picture on my nightstand:


  5. Hey you guys all rock! Just letting you know that we all still talk and think about you guys.
    As Darryl said we could do som some Skype game! I would definitely be up for it! Let's talk about it off line!

  6. Thanks for the flashback of old times. :) While I'm not in that picture, I'm pretty sure I took it.

    Anyway, I second the idea of Skype roleplaying.

    ~ Tammy