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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Under the Influence Day 16: My Parents

It would be completely dishonest not to mention my parents on this list. The fact that they end up #16 is proof that the order was random as they would normally rank FAR above #16.

Let me preface this by saying that my parents are not very fond of gaming. They are both realistic, down-to-earth people whereas I am a dreamer. To speak of their influence on me would span days (and I expect same for most people), so I will limit myself to their influence on my gaming.

For years, my mother would tell me that gaming would never earn me a dime. And she was right. It was a money-sink where I would put in any available funds I had to get more of my fix. For years, I would write and run games for free. Posting them on sites like, or my own Scenariotheque (I turned off the adventures on my site since). It was not until I wrote my first paid RPGA adventure - COR6-04 A long way for a little knowledge - that I kept my check for almost a full year before cashing it. I had to show it to my mother first. After that, she never said anything about it.

I have since then written a number of products for the RPGA (Living Greyhawk & Living Forgotten Realms), NeoExodus, Kronea, and a few other small-time gigs.

Their opposition to gaming was no doubt the cause and reason for my love of it, as a form of rebellion. Think of it, there are way worse things to do. But it also forced me to try and become better at my craft.


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