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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Under the Influence Day 23: Willow

For many of my early gaming years, I was pretty much by myself. None of my friends were interested in any of what I like (gaming-wise, we played hockey). I watched mostly horror or scifi. But then this movie came out: Willow.

I know, I know. Many of you have a strong view and issues with the plot, Lucas, FX, or whatever else. But I don't care. When I finally saw it in 1989, I was hooked. This movie detailed a lot of things I wanted to see in my games that I did not find at the time: characters that grew and evolved with the story. My players just wanted to kill stuff and take the treasure. All concept of plot, reason, or character was lost on them.

But Willow brought me some hope. If someone could make a movie about a story I liked, maybe there were others.

So I watched it quite a few times (it helped that I thought Joanna Whalley was quite attractive) and dreamed of putting together a story like that. It would be just a few more years (around 1990) before I met a group with some interests in things other than "killing stuff and getting chicks."

I really enjoyed it as a kid, since it was a movie targeted... well for kids!

I hope to see it in a bargain bin or available in my onDemand (I don't do netflix).

But perhaps the best thing is that it put the word "peck" in my vocabulary to talk about the runts... I mean halflings!


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  1. I enjoyed Willow a great deal. I haven't had to defend it as much as my other favorite of the period, Legend.

    My favorite was General Kael, mostly because he was really hard to kill. I also liked Madmartigan (and Sorsha).