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Monday, May 7, 2012

Warmachine: More Mercenaries

This quick update is about my Mercenary army. It's been a while since I got to post some mercenaries.

The first miniature is Lord Rockbottom, paymaster of the privateers and a potential member of my Gorten' army. This mini is clearly inspired by Napoleon and one that was very fun to paint up. I chose the "classic" scheme - the scheme presented to us in the book. I thought of using Imperial green, but decided against it.

The next picture is for two Cygnar Longgunners unit attachments. I will be using them occasionally.

Finally, I have a non-Privateer Press Freebooter. This mini I got in a trade with my buddy Everett. I have NO idea what make it is. I added the wires and the engine on its back. I think it looks pretty good.



  1. The last one is a Storm Golem from the Wizkids Game Mage Knight Rebellion. Usually it is made of plastic and has the Heroclix/Mechwarrior/Mageknight/Horrorclix Combat Dial, but there was a limited edition made of metal, witch nobody of the MK players wanted. Nice work!


  2. Thanks Arkto! I didn't know... Frankly if it had been made of plastic I wouldn't've traded for it.