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Friday, May 18, 2012

Avatar of the Kaga: NeoExodus Adventure "A Series"

I've talked at length about how I wanted NeoExodus to have an evolving storyline where the players were not only a part of the events, but integral players and influencers of what transpires. However, every adventure must not be critical to the history of the world. It's one of my big gripes against Forgotten Realms (the novels mostly) where every book/trilogy changes the world in a way that it is always world-changing. No. While I want to see the story evolve, I don't want to see the gods slay each other on a monthly basis or every named NPC die every other day.

The A series I see as the "core" campaign. The events of this series are far-reaching and major for Exodus. Playing through this series, the PCs get involved in a greater story. To use PCI's terminology those adventures would be "hard points".

Don't read those as "the only good adventures" because that would be wrong. The other series are not as good or interesting, that's wrong.

A1 - Encounter At Ramat Bridge

Things are brewing along the Abaddon River. The armed forces of the Arman Protectorate are preparing something. Across the river, the Janus Horde is on the move and their raids are growing more and more frequent. A powerful Imperial senator needs to know what is going on and, with any luck, stop the situation from escalating.

An adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Notes: This introductory adventure into NeoExodus was first run at PaizoCon 2011. This was, outside the play-test, the first public game of NeoExodus ever. The adventure has since been run in Colorado and Idaho to positive acclaim. Definitely a show piece adventure (the fort at Ramat Bridge is just so cool to play in).

A2 - Ruins of Trovaska

The summons was clear and simple: you were needed for a simple task of exploration in dangerous territory. Large payment was mentioned, with possibility of even more. It seems your employer's letter only let out a few important details.

An adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Notes: This adventure was play-tested publicaly at NeonCon 2011 (in Las Vegas, NV) and first offered to the public at Genghis Con 2012 (in Denver). This adventure was written after A3, as a way to expand on the plot of "Ramat Bridge" to explain more of what is happening. This adventure will be offered at PaizoCon 2012.

A3 - The Sashenka Incident

The small village of Sashenka finds itself in the path of an oncoming whirlwind. An invasion of a nearby country and a somewhat strategic location at the juncture of the Kyan and Abaddon Rivers made this community into a hotbed of intrigue. One particularly troublesome group is seeking to exploit the tensions and foment a greater war.

An adventure for characters levels 5. This adventure follows elements of Encounter at Ramat Bridge.

Notes: Written by the excellent Jonathan McAnulty, this political thriller addresses a number of themes we want NeoExodus to be known for. Set in the aftermath of the events of "Ramat Bridge", the "Incident" is extremely important for the campaign plot.

A4 - Slavers of the Dominion

Grokfa Polina Vlaklov, a powerful noblewoman needs help taking down a group of slavers that have been plaguing the Protectorate's western border. All you need to do is offer yourself as slaves and find out who is the leader of the cartel. This adventure is an expansion of The Sashenka Incident.

An adventure for 5th level characters.

Notes: This adventure was inspired by the above-mentioned "Les esclaves d'Al Anfa" in its theme and goal: slavery. However, after a similar premise, the plot takes a life of its own. This adventure is clearly intended for more mature audiences. It is such a unique adventure that straddles on the deadly and the comedic. Perhaps one of the adventure I like running the most because of it. Although it was planned to run at NeonCon 2011, it didn't happen. This adventure premiered at Genghis Con 2012 in Denver.

A5 - The Battle of Trovaska

The Northern Army of the Arman Protectorate has been in Sametia for months now. So far, the Janus Horde has refused to meet it in the field, favoring hit and run attacks. But this situation is about to come to an end. This adventure is the finale of the "A" series and its results will be compiled into next year's storyline.

An adventure for 3rd level characters

Notes: This adventure will be run only once: at PaizoCon 2012. This will be our first "battle interactive" event. As such, it will determine events in our adventure for the next year. Should be a blast!


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  1. The funny part to all this is that we still have roughly FOUR more adventures ALREADY DONE that we need to also release for play. Slow and steady with a purpose!