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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tales from the Auction: Circle Orboros, Part 1

This post continues my series on the miniatures I won and painted at Gamers' Haven's auction in January.

Long ago, we're talking 2006-07, I was heavily involved in playing 40k and Living Greyhawk. It was a time when new models began to appear on the shelves of the many local game stores that I frequented. One of these were Hordes and particularly the large werewolves of the Circle. I was drawn to them. Though for some reason (I think it might've been a sale or some deal that I got), I bought a bunch of Skorne. Bought, them painted some of them, and finally sold them at another auction.

Turns out that this year, I got my grubby little hands on the miniatures from the faction that had me drooling all this time. I got my hands on a fair amount of Circle Orboros miniatures! Oh the excitement!

As you know, following the auction, I started painting - and playing - with my Legion of Everblight quite a lot, and the Circle Orboros miniatures I got at the auction remained in the Bid-box for a long time. Having painted all the Legion and a number of other painting project, I pulled out the Circle with trembling hands. Not I knew what these unit meant, how I could use them and thought of building an army of them.

Finally, I would command my own Circle.

Finally, I too could be called a tree-hugging-hippy.

Oh joy!

I painted these models slowly throughout the month of April. I thought for a while of giving them a very far-out color scheme, before settling in to the usual color scheme. I do not have a single army that was based on a green scheme. That is unless you go back to my Napoleonic Russians I painted back in 2003-04!

Since this is a "Tale from the Auction", there had to be some strange or unique happening. And so there is. After I assembled all the minis, turns out that I was missing an arm on Morvhana! A moment of terror was replaced by the dawning of an idea.


Yes indeed... I love to see banners and flags in armies. Makes them stand out and gives people some eye-candy. So I went into my huge box o'bitz and came up with an arm. A few minutes later, she has a flag and I had a story to tell.


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