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Monday, May 14, 2012

Commission: Pathfinder Society characters

It's been a while since I posted a "commission" post, and I'm very happy to post the latest of my work for others. All three of these miniatures are to be used for Pathfinder Society play. The first two were done for Eric P and the third one for Brad W.

One great thing Eric did: he gave me the minis and color illustrations of how he wanted the models to look. There are some small deviations (the minis and the illustrations were not exact, but very close). The first one is a barbarian-type with blue face paints. The illustration had a lot very brass-looking metal (milky gold) with the usual silver so I did a few interesting color combinations: paint the axe flesh color, dip then cover with a thin layer of gold. The armor I used a gold/silver mix to create the brass effect. The model looks pretty good. The other guys is the Malifaux majordomo character I painted for Steve a while back. This time wearing a red outfit. The pictures don't show it well, but the three shades of red I use really create a depth of color.

As for Brad's explorer, the mini originally came with a sword and pistol. His was an older gentleman who took up exploring in his old age. He is dressed like a British of the Zulu war (research needed: NONE). He asked me to get rid of the pistol (as is not a gunslinger). I tried a few things: see how I could convert it to a light crossbow (the surface was too small and the xbow looked ridiculous), then tried another sword (the model looked to be in a weird pose, like he was dancing, wrong), then I tried a dagger (though Brad never mentioned the character fought two-handed). Finally, I turned to my bits box(es) searching for inspiration. And there it was... an ork head.

No, I didn't want to make the character a gruesome display of head collecting... On top of the head was a long, flowing mane. I had used that part to create torches before. I mocked it up with blue tac and I love the effect. Unlike with the two weapons, the old man looked like he was exploring some deep, dark dungeon, which as a Pathfinder, he is bound to do a lot of. The head, but particularly the skin tone and beard I just find amazing! The rest is fine too, but he beard really takes me back to the days I would dream about running Space 1889.



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  1. That is exactly how I wanted Nigel to look! Another excellent job, Thanks JP!